The former Qatari Foreign Minister criticized the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council and described it as a tool in the hands of its member states.

Iran PressMiddle East: Hamad bin Jassim described the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council as a "media trumpet" that issues statements in support of a country or denouncing an event without meeting people's aspirations in the region.

Bin Jassim said in a series of tweets on his official page on Twitter: "It becomes clear, day after day, that the benefits that the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council achieve do not go beyond the issuance of statements of marginal benefit in most cases to some of the GCC countries, whether that is denouncing some parties, or supporting Of the positions of this or that country on some regional and international issues."

The former Qatari prime minister added: "Or to express views on other issues that the member states are unable to respond to on their own without assistance from others. This is okay, but the council has become just a media trumpet that is blowing here and there without a specific and useful goal at the general national level. Unfortunately, it is not what the founding fathers had aspired to when the council was established."

"They do not aspire to the aspirations of the people of the Council that want the Council to achieve many of the hopes of cohesion, harmony, and unity that the peoples seek so that it can withstand and continue facing the challenges it faces," Bin Jassim continued.


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