A number of Tunisian parties on Monday issued a statement strongly condemning the former Prime Minister for taking part in a meeting on the normalization of relations with Israel calling it a betrayal of the Tunisian homeland.

The Tunisian parties stressed in the statement that these incidents are one of the scandals of normalization of relations with Israeli occupiers and that any action to normalize relations with the criminal and racist regime is a betrayal of the Tunisian homeland, history and martyrs.

At the end of their statement, the Tunisian parties said the government with its silence regarding this event depicted its confirmation. 

Former Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed recently attended a meeting in the UAE on the normalization of relations with Israel.

So far, due to US pressure on Arab countries for normalizing relations with Israel, the four countries of the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and the Maghreb have formally agreed with Israel on the full normalization of diplomatic relations.

These agreements have been widely criticized in the Islamic world.

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) called the announcement of these 'dangerous' agreements a 'free reward' given to Israeli by the Arab regimes for its crimes against the Palestinians. 219