The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of two Russian diplomats from the country on Monday night.

Iran PressEurope: Two Russian diplomats accused of espionage by Bulgarian prosecutors will be expelled from Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry has announced.

The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry said that the Russian embassy in Sofia had been informed that the diplomats had to leave Bulgaria within 72 hours.

The expulsions of Russian diplomats are related to last week's arrests.

Bulgarian authorities announced the arrest of six people in the country last week.

Bulgarian authorities have charged six people over leaking classified information related to NATO to the Russian embassy in Sofia.

Relations between the West and Moscow have deteriorated since 2014 due to four reasons including NATO's military influence, especially near  Russia's border with Eastern Europe, the Ukraine crisis, the Baltic Sea and the situation in Syria.

The United States and the European Union have imposed a series of anti-Russian economic and financial sanctions since 2014, prompting a backlash from Moscow. 219