Lebanon (IP) - The Secretary-General of Lebanon's Hezbollah said the US' stress on diplomacy with Iran was due to the country's growing power.

Iran Press/Middle East: In a Wednesday address to the Association of Muslim Scholars’ celebration honoring the late cleric Sheikh Ahmad Al-Zein, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said: " The US' emphasis on diplomacy with Iran is not because of Washington's moral generosity, but because of Iran's growing power."

Sayyed Nasrallah said the US administration wanted to address Iran’s nuclear file in order to block the emergence of a coalition between the Islamic Republic, China, and Russia.

Nasrallah noted that the United States was no longer as it used to be a power, but it was in decline, as the Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei emphasized, "anyone who is fair must stand by Iran."

Ansarullah never will be deceived, KSA must lift blockade on Yemen in parallel with ceasefire

The leader of Hezbollah pointed to the war on Yemen and the alleged Saudi peace plan and said: "What was offered to the Yemeni officials was not a cessation of hostilities, but a ceasefire and the rest of the forms of war against Yemen (like the all-out siege) would continue."

"The Yemenis are told to make a ceasefire, but the airports and ports will remain closed and nothing will enter Yemen, and then we will enter into political negotiations, according to which the remaining problems will be resolved," Nasrallah clarified and noted: "This is a great trick. Even Yemeni children are not fooled by this great trick, and I tell the Americans and the Saudis that you are just wasting time."

He noted that through humanitarian, economic, and pandemic pressures the US-backed Saudi aggressors seek to bring the Yemenis to the negotiation table, stressing that the Yemenis wanted to stop the military war and the siege, and no one could deceive them just by stopping the military war.  

The Secretary-General of Lebanon's Hezbollah said the war against Yemen had nothing to do with Shias or Sunnis but was pursued by the US and its conspiracies against the region, stressing sectarian and religious sedition as the last weapon of the American-Zionist axis.


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