Four people were killed in two shootings in Maryland, Prince George’s County Police say.

Iran PressAmerica: Police are investigating a shooting in Maryland early Saturday morning that left four people dead.

Officers on patrol heard gunshots about 3 a.m. They responded to the 5550 block of Sheriff Road and found a crime scene, police say. 

Two men were inside a car suffering from gunshot wounds. A woman outside the car had also been shot, police said.

Officers from Prince George’s County tweeted that police heard gunshots while on patrol in a local neighborhood and later found two male adults inside a vehicle and a woman outside the car, all with gunshot wounds.

The three victims were all pronounced dead at the scene, police tweeted. 

The shooting came just hours after officers responded to a separate shooting about six miles north. Police who arrived at that scene Friday evening found an adult female who suffered gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead. Further details on that shooting were not immediately available.

The United States is facing a wave of violence, hostage-taking and armed attacks.

Thousands are killed or injured each year in shootings across the United States. According to official reports, there are approximately 270 to 300 million firearms in the United States; this means that almost one gun is found in this country per person. 219