News sources reported Saturday night the arrest of dozens of senior Jordanian officials on charges of plotting a coup in the country.

Iran PressMiddle East: Jordanian security forces have arrested at least 20 officials, tribal leaders and members of the royal family for what they call a threat to Jordanian security.

A Jordanian intelligence official called the coup plot an internal and external conspiracy, without elaborating. According to him, among those arrested is a Saudi citizen.

The Washington Post also reported that Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, the former Crown Prince of Jordan, was among those detained.

Sources close to Jordan's ruling family, however, denied reports in the Washington Post that the former Crown Prince was involved in the coup.

The Lebanese Al Mayadeen network also reported that the arrests followed a "planned" plot to overthrow the government of current Jordanian King Abdullah II.

The Jordanian government is expected to issue an official statement on the news of the coup in the country and provide further details.

The coup attempt in Jordan came as the country witnessed anti-government protests in recent months. Jordanians recently rallied in the capital, Amman, protesting against the government's policies, calling for the fight against corruption. 219