Tehran (IP) - The 'Safir' is a multi-purpose tactical military vehicle with a four-wheel-drive design and weight of 1.5 tons that has been manufactured by the Ministry of Defense.

Iran PressIran News: Today, the mobility of forces and the ability to maneuver to deal with threats on the battlefield are ground forces' requirements.

The experience of the 8-year imposed war and other wars that have taken place in West Asia in recent years shows the importance of having tactical military vehicles that allow to use of a variety of weapons and play various roles while moving.

After the Iraqi imposed war on Iran, the idea of ​​building tactical military vehicles was on the agenda of Iran's Ministry of Defense.

One of the main defensive products in this field was the "Safir" tactical vehicle, which has played a role in the recent battles in various parts of West Asia. The vehicle is very similar to the jeep in terms of technical features and has the same performance.

All Safir spare parts are made in Iran, and compared to similar cars in the world, due to having a powerful engine, very powerful transmission system, steel chassis, and strong body, it is one of the best of these types of cars.


The Safir is a multi-purpose military vehicle has been manufactured by the Ministry of Defense that was officially unveiled in 2008.

The vehicle was made based on the model of the Jeep M38 and designed by the defense industry, weighing about 1.5 tons.

It weighs less than other military transport vehicles and can carry up to 2.5 tons, which means it can carry a ton of cargo or equipment.

It is about 3.72 meters in length overall, 1.69 meters in width, and 1.88 meters in height overall. This vehicle, which is open-roofed like other tactical vehicles, can be covered by special covers.

Armor is welded to the chassis and body of the car to provide relative protection against hazards.

Due to its mass production, the Safir replaced various types of Mule SUVs previously owned by the Army, IRGC, and police.

Most of the vehicle parts belong to civilian cars, especially "Zamyad 24" and Toyota. The high torque of the engine makes Safir a suitable vehicle for battlefields in West Asia. It can produce 105 horsepower.

This car can travel about 500 km with a fuel tank at a maximum speed of 130 km on the road. This car is designed in such a way that various weapons can be installed on it.

In addition to carrying weapons, the car can also carry 6 people.

High acceleration and powerful engines, especially since the engine's high torque, have increased its off-road capability.

The personnel can use the vehicle without the need for special training.


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