Vienna (IP) - The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister announced that as the outcome of the negotiation, we could work on a joint text that would be a base for the final agreement and the Iranian delegation considering presenting a text to the negotiating parties of the JCPOA Joint Commission.

Iran Press/EuropeAbbas Araghchi this Saturday evening and after the meeting of the JCPOA Joint Commission, saying a new understanding is emerging, added: "There is a commonality among all parties in terms of the final goal, and the path to be taken is a path that is now somewhat better known."

Iran's chief negotiator at nuclear talks in Vienna said that understanding was emerging at the negotiations, but some serious disagreements remained.

"A new understanding appears to be emerging, and there is a common ground between the parties on the ultimate goal," Abbas Araghchi told Iranian media. "But the path ahead is not an easy one, and there are some serious disagreements."

The deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran reminded: "Of course, this path will not be an easy one and the disagreement is not over. Some serious disagreements should be reduced during the next negotiations."

"As we have said many times, we are not at all interested in long-term erosive negotiations, and negotiations will continue as long as necessary," Araghchi said.

"We think the negotiations have reached a point where the parties can start working on a joint text and start writing the text, at least in areas where there is a common ground," he said.

The senior negotiator of Iran stated that the Iranian delegation has prepared its text in nuclear field and in the field of lifting sanctions and has presented it to all other parties, saying: "We believe that the texts we introduced can be the basis of negotiations and reaching the final agreement."


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