Tehran (IP) - The Army Day's parade was kicked off on Sunday all across the Islamic Republic of Iran, where the indigenized missile systems have been showcased.

Iran PressIran news: Indigenous Sayyad 3 and 4 missile systems, Talash missiles, S300 and S200 strategic missiles and Mersad missile systems were displayed at the event.

The ceremony, which was held with observance of health protocols, is attended by top military and national officials.

The military units of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran are holding a parade, and this year in the Iranian calendar, like last year, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this ceremony will be held in all barracks across the country.

April 18th is named "Army Day" in Iran, and the parade manifests part of the country's military power.

The slogan of this year’s parade is ”Defenders of the Homeland, Companion of the Healthcare” and according to the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, the parade is in the form of a motorcade across the country.


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Photo by Neda Sajadi
Photo by Neda Sajadi
Photo by Neda Sajadi
Photo by Neda Sajadi