Tashkent (IP) - Sohrab Moradi, the gold medalist of the Rio Olympics weightlifting in the 96 kg category of the Asian Championships, won a silver medal with a total record of 384 kg and lost the chance to participate directly in the Tokyo Olympics.

Iran PressAsia: The 96 kg Asian Championships were held today (Friday) in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Sohrab Moradi, the representative of Iran in this competition, won a bronze medal with 174 kg in the snatch and in the clean and jerk by lifting 210 kg and a total of 384 kg, he won 2 silver medals.

Tian Tao won the gold medal by lifting 176kg, and the Korean athlete won the silver medal lifting 174kg in the clean and jerk category.

Sohrab Moradi was experiencing his first big tournament after about 2 years of injury. Moradi and Kianoush Rostami will be sent to the Colombian qualifiers in less than a month.


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