Tehran (IP) - A member of the National Security Commission of Iran's Parliament said that Afghanistan should not be left alone after the withdrawal of the United States, and its neighboring countries should have a plan to prevent the re-entering of the United States.

Iran PressIran News: Fada-Hussein Maleki, in reaction to the withdrawal of Americans from Afghanistan, said: "Biden's realization of the fact that the Americans had failed for more than two decades in Afghanistan and the failure of this strategy was correct and ultimately led to the decision to leave the Asian country."

The member of the National Security Commission of the Parliament called the withdrawal of US troops from the region as a result of series of political and military defeats, adding: "Once upon a time, the Americans came to Afghanistan under a UN resolution in 2003 to fight terrorism and drugs, but After 20 years, they failed in both areas."

"Today, the distribution of narcotics from Afghanistan has increased to more than 90 percent, and in the field of terrorism, the Americans legitimized Taliban politically in the Doha talks," he said.

Maleki stated: "The Americans' inference is that their persistence in the region and their blind operations have created serious problems for their forces."

The MP added: "On the other hand, powerful countries in the region such as the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia constantly monitor the movements of the Americans and do not allow their saber-rattling. So these issues have caused Americans to fail in saber-rattling as well."


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