Iraqi National security official:

Baghdad(IP): The Iraqi government's national security adviser stressed that the Iranian foreign minister's visit to his country is of great strategic importance to the Baghdad government.

Iran PressMiddle East: Al-Arji, the Iraqi government's national security adviser, made the remarks today (Tuesday) during a meeting with Mohammad Javad Zarif.

The Iraqi government's national security adviser welcomed Zarif and said: "Your visit is essential for our government because we consider you an influential figure on a global scale and a representative of the important Iranian diplomatic apparatus."

Al-Arji met with Zarif to discuss important military and security issues in Iraq and the region.

The former Minister of the Interior and the current National Security Adviser to the Iraqi government, while recalling what he called as Iran's important, influential and positive role in ensuring security in the region; also thanked the Islamic Republic for its assistance in countering the terrorist outfit ISIL to stabilize the region and help its neighbors.

From the perspective of political experts and observers, Al-Arji's meeting with Zarif is evaluated as very important. At the top of the Iranian Foreign Minister's meetings during his two-day visit to Iraq is evaluated.

Al-Arji also met with the Afghan ambassador to Iraq before Zarif.

The US military forces are present in Iraq and Afghanistan involved with interfering. Despite public demands in Iraq, the US government is still acting in full procrastination to withdraw or even reduce its forces.

More than a year after the Iraqi parliament passed a resolution calling for the withdrawal of US coalition troops from the country, the US government is still refusing to implement the law under various pretexts.


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