The Iraqi foreign minister said that his country was working to bring the views of Iran and the Persian Gulf states closer together.

Iran Press/Middle East: "We are trying to bring Iran and the Arab countries in the Persian Gulf closer together," said Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein, speaking on RT Arabic.

"Instability in Iraq has affected relations with neighboring countries," he said.

Hussein added: "We have passed the stage of severing relations with countries and have entered into the stage of cooperation with them in all fields."

The Iraqi Foreign Minister added: "Iraq's foreign policy during the government of Mustafa al-Kazemi is based on a set of pillars, the first of which is Baghdad's influence in the region and taking the initiative."

He added: "But the second pillar of Iraq's foreign policy is to create a state of balance with the regional countries, and the third pillar will be based on common interests and keeping others away from interfering in Iraq's internal affairs."


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