Deputy FM:

Vienna (IP) - Referring to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) meeting, the Iranian envoy at Vienna talks said that parties have agreed that most individuals entities and institutions to be removed from the sanctions list.

Iran PressEurope: Abbas Araghchi said: "Some people are still on the sanctions list for various reasons and in this regard negotiations still underway."

"According to the agreements reached so far, sanctions on the energy sector or the car industry, financial sectors, banking systems, and ports should be lifted," Araqchi said after the JCPOA joint commission meeting.

"We have small technical points in the nuclear issue as well as in the discussion of sanctions, and we have details that need to be discussed," he added.

"In many cases, there are commonalities, and in some cases, there is still a difference, and the difference is now clearer," Araghchi said.

The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister also said: "In some areas, we have started writing the text of the agreement, and considering that some issues are still disputed, so the work is proceeding slowly."


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