Tashkent (IP) - Iran's national boxing team is participating in a joint preparation camp with Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Algeria national teams in Tashkent.

Iran PressAsia: In this camp, the Iranian national boxing team will hold joint training and intra-camp competitions with the national boxing teams of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan (the world's top boxing teams) and the national boxing team of Algeria (African continental champion).

The Iranian national boxing team, which has won two Tokyo Olympic quotas, has brought its two Olympic boxers, Danial Shahbakhsh and Shahin Mousavi, to the camp.

The Head Coach of the Iranian National Boxing Team, Alireza Esteki, stated that the Iranian national boxing team would be well tested in the fight against the best of this field that was participating in the preparation camp.

Also, the 57 kg Iranian Olympic boxer Danial Shahbakhsh noted that the best camp in the history of Iranian boxing was the Tashkent joint camp.

Another 75 kg Iranian boxing Olympian, Shahin Mousavi, also pointed out that the camp was one of the best boxing camps with the participation of the first and second world teams, namely Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, and the African champion, Algeria.


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