Tehran (IP) - The Secretary of the Special Headquarters for Nano Development announced the export of Iranian Nano products to 45 countries.

Iran PressIran news: "Today, Iranian Nano products are exported to 45 countries, including South Korea, Australia, China, Europe, and Latin America," said Saeed Sarkar, secretary of Iran's Special Headquarters on Nanotechnology Development.

The official added: "Emerging technologies, including nanotechnologies, are very important issues that we gained a good position in this field with the timely entry of the Islamic Republic of Iran into nanoscience."

"Saeed Sarkar" also said: "Although today we have benefited from this technology in 18 industrial fields, we have to introduce new products to the market to be followed by a surge in production."

The Secretary of the Special Headquarters for Nanotechnology Development of Iran concluded: ”Not only will we stand on our own two feet in the future, but we will also meet the needs of other countries.”


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