Tehran (IP) - Iran Health Ministry announced on Sunday that in the past 24 hours, 394 COVID-19 patients had lost their lives, bringing the total death toll to 72,484.

Iran PressIran News: According to definitive laboratory findings from yesterday to May 02, 2021, 2,534,855 people in the country have been infected with the coronavirus, and 1,988,165 of the total infected people recovered.

Newly diagnosed patients with COVID-19 were 18,698 cases, out of whom 2,711 patients were hospitalized.

5,443 COVID-19 patients are in critical condition.

So far, 16,101,399 COVID-19 diagnosis tests have been conducted across Iran.

According to the latest analysis, 198 cities are in red, 157 in orange, 84 are in yellow, and 9 are in the blue zones.

So far, 956,423 people have received the first dose of the COVID vaccine, and 218,631 people have received the second dose, and the total number of vaccines injected in the country reached 1,175,054 doses.


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