Tehran (IP) - The head of the headquarters for managing operations against coronavirus in Tehran considered vaccination as the safest, fastest, and effective approach to fighting coronavirus.

Iran PressIran News: In response to Iran Press on how vaccination could combat the fourth wave of COVID-19 in Tehran, Alireza Zali said that the effectiveness of vaccination had been proven worldwide, adding that it even would help those in critical conditions.

Speaking to Iran Press on the sidelines of the ceremony of visiting the implementation of the fifth step of Martyr Soleimani's plan, Zali said: "The other critical point to mention is that the vaccinated people can even carry the virus, so social distancing, implementing health protocols and avoiding crowded places unless necessary, is required."

He pointed out that the effective way to contain the fourth wave of Covid-19 was to use imported vaccines until homemade ones enter the market.

Alireza Zali added that the government was urged to import needed vaccines as it was estimated that the mutated virus could be spread in Iran's provinces and cities, Tehran in particular.

“It is better to pace up vaccination process among those aged over 65 (their population is 9/5-10 million in the country in total) as they have the highest death rate in the country,” said Zali.


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