Tehran (IP) - The head of Tehran’s Islamic Propagation Coordination Council says the Resistance is awaiting the command to annihilate the usurper Israeli regime.

Iran PressIran News: In the ceremony of commemoration of the International Day of Quds at Palestine Square of Tehran on Friday, Mohsen Mahmoudi said the Israeli regime, which once claimed the slogan “From the Nile to the Euphrates,” was now under siege in the occupied territories and being questioned by the Zionists themselves. 

Mahmoudi said: “The Jewish population of Israel and the Zionists should think about emigrating from Israel as soon as possible, otherwise the anger of the Palestinian people will grieve the vampire Zionists.”

He noted that the Iranian nation would stand by the Palestinians until the final victory of the Palestinian people and pointed out that the Israeli regime must know that the Resistance Front would not leave the regime comfortable. 

“The people of Iran, with all their might, will stand against the Zionist regime of Israel as long as Palestine and the first qibla of the Muslims are occupied by Israel,” the cleric said.

In the commemoration ceremony of Quds Day held at Tehran’s Palestine Square, the Palestinian flag was hoisted, and a fire was set on the flags of the Israeli and the US regimes.

The participants held flags of Palestine and Lebanon’s Hezbollah and expressed their anger toward the Israeli regime. 

The parade of motorcyclists present in Palestine Square was of other programs of the ceremony.


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