Tehran (IP) - The representative of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Iran says that the resistance of the Palestinian people has advanced from stone to rocket which is now a threat to the Israeli regime.

Iran Press/Iran News: "The Palestinian people are witnessing a comprehensive resistance, including the formation of strategic alliances between our friends and brothers in the resistance movement, and at the top of them is the Islamic Republic of Iran," said Khaled Qodoumi, Hamas representative in Iran.

He also talked about the efforts of some countries to normalize relations with the Zionist regime, saying: "Such treacherous policies do not reflect the morals, religion, and culture of the region."

Qodoumi stated that the Zionist regime was behind all the events, including the explosion at the Natanz nuclear facility in Iran and the assassination of some scientists in the region, adding: "By doing so, they have no purpose other than to disrupt security and put an obstacle in the way of the people of the region in determining their own destiny and deprive them of science and technology, which is the right of all humanity."


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