Europe (IP): The foreign ministers of the 27- member block of the European Union are scheduled to review the latest status of the Vienna talks to revive the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on Monday.

Iran PressEurope: At the monthly Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) meeting, which will be held in the Belgian capital of Brussels in the next few hours, EU foreign policy Joseph Borrell will brief the participants on the process of the Vienna meeting.

Meanwhile, senior diplomats from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action member states have been meeting in the Austrian capital, Vienna, in recent weeks to discuss lifting US sanctions and reviving the Iran Nuclear Deal.

On Friday, the first meeting of the Joint Commission for the fourth round of the JCPOA talks was held in Vienna and is decided to begin expert and technical consultations and work on the text of the draft agreement.

During this period, intensive consultations between the Iranian delegations and the P4 + 1 group proceeded continuously and intensively, and meetings between the head of the Iranian delegation Abbas Araghchi and other heads of delegations, including several meetings with Enrique Mora, Deputy Secretary-General of the EU External Action Service and a quadripartite meeting with three European countries were held.

Negotiations at the expert level have also been pursued in the form of tripartite working groups on sanctions, nuclear, and executive arrangements as well as bilaterally and multilaterally.

In this context, bilateral meetings have been held between Iranian expert delegations and Russian and Chinese delegations. Discussions generally last until late at night, and the parties continue to consult to try to reduce differences over the text of the draft as much as possible.

Enrique Mora, who is chairing the meeting of the Joint Commission on behalf of Joseph Borrell, said that time was not in our favor in the negotiations to revive the agreement, and that he felt a sense of urgency.

"We have begun the fourth round of talks in Vienna to revive the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)," he tweeted on Saturday. "But as a co-ordinator, I have a sense of urgency," he said, adding that they set no deadline Because time was not in their favor.

Mora added: "I am pleased that all the delegations, including Iran and the United States, are expressing such a feeling (about the importance of the issue of time in the Vienna talks).

Joseph Borrell also stressed that the opportunity of the Vienna talks should be used to revive the JCPOA as soon as possible. He attended a meeting of the G7 foreign ministers in London last week and stressed no better alternative to the JCPOA.


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