Tehran (IP) - National plans of the country's electricity industry with an investment of 1,345 billion tomans were put into operation on Tuesday in the presence of the Minister of Energy.

Iran PressIran news: the Minister of Energy inaugurated Iran's National Power Grid Management Center (the country's new national grid) with a credit of 1,145 billion tomans via video conference.

The plans to improve the electricity network of 10,000 villages, which is to be put into operation this year with a credit of 3,000 billion Tomans, were inaugurated in the first phase, including 560 villages for 70,000 subscribers of 170 billion Tomans.

Also, another plan will deliver 20,000 portable solar generators to 20,000 nomadic families, which is scheduled to open this year with a credit of 200 billion tomans. In its first phase, 3,000 devices with a credit of 30 billion Tomans were given to 3000 families. 


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