The US Treasury Department announced the sanction of 7 people under the pretext of having links with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Iran Press/America: The US Treasury Department in a statement on Tuesday said that it had imposed sanctions on seven individuals who are in relation to Hezbollah in Lebanon and one of the group's financial institutions is on the list too.

The US Treasury Department has repeatedly imposed sanctions on individuals and entities affiliated with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The United States and the Israeli regime have stepped up efforts to increase pressure on the movement following Lebanese Hezbollah's success in countering terrorist groups in the region.

Washington has imposed sanctions on Lebanese banks and figures that are in connection with the group, in a bid to diminish Hezbollah's popularity in Lebanon.

As one of the main members of the Resistance Front, Lebanon's Hezbollah plays a key role in countering US-Israeli conspiracies and actions in the region. 219