Tehran (IP) - Iran's Guardian Council spokesman said on Friday that the Council would examine the qualifications of the volunteers for upcoming elections within the body's ratification.

Iran PressIran news: Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei, said in response to an Iran Press correspondent's question: "The Guardian Council will examine the qualifications of the volunteers  for the 13th presidential election according to the conditions recently announced by this council."

He also added that the Islamic Republic of Iran had provided tribunes for people to express their opinions freely on the sidelines of registration. Still, violators will be dealt with if the propaganda is outside the framework.

Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei, the spokesman of the Guardian Council, this evening (Friday) at the registered office of the candidates for the 13th presidential election located in the building of the Ministry of Interior, while congratulating Eid al-Fitr and thanking the Ministry of Interior, said:

“This year, with the measures considered in the resolution of the Guardian Council, the registration process went through a balanced process, and we were a bit ahead in the registration procedures, and we do not have the problems of the past.”

The spokesman for the Guardian Council commented on what the Guardian Council had said to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Broadcasting (Iran’s National radio and television organization) about the candidates' seats, saying: "like the Interior Ministry saying we know how many people are registering. The Guardian Council reviews credentials according to legal criteria."

Kadkhodaei stated: "I have said many times that the law is our criterion and this law does not prohibit the registration of individuals. As we told the volunteers in the parliamentary elections, the situation of the people has not changed according to the law."

Answering the question of whether the Guardian Council monitors the fact that some candidates who seem to take positions against the Islamic establishment law, he said: "Fortunately, the Islamic Republic has provided many of these free tribunes to individuals, and the Guardian Council has no restrictions on these individuals, and cases against the law are being monitored. In the case of advertising and costs, if it is against the law, it will be considered in the qualification review."

In the end, he expressed hope for maximum participation in the upcoming elections.


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