Tehran (IP) - Iranian parliamentarians, in a statement, supported the Quds resistance axis.

Iran PressIran News: The statement said that the Israeli regime had declined with the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and that Iran had awakened various nations and led them to eradicate this cancerous gland. 

"The result of this revolutionary thinking today is a resistance group that has formed not only throughout the Islamic world, but also among non-Muslims, and is flourishing more and more every day," the statement said.

"The message of the Iranian parliament to the resistance fighters is that we support you and follow the leader of the Islamic Revolution, who said, 'We support whoever stands against the Zionist regime,'" the statement said. 

The statement of the Iranian parliamentarians emphasizes that it has not given up any material and spiritual resources to advance the goals of the resistance, and we will try to establish a regional and international consensus against the brutal regime of Israel through parliamentary relations with other countries and liberate Holy Quds from Israeli occupation.


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