Tehran (IP) - The Secretary of INOTEX 2021 International Technology Exhibition said the exhibition sought to expand investment in the field of technology and establish partnerships between economic enterprises.

Iran PressIran News: In a Wednesday interview with Iran Press, Sajjad Abbasi Fashami said that in INOTEX 2021 expo, different industries presented their technological needs to the exhibitors, and companies would sign a contract if they could meet the needs of the industries. 

"Despite the corona situation and the low presence of foreign companies, a visiting tour of foreign ambassadors was held at the exhibition, and more than 20 countries visited the booths," Abbasi told Iran Press, reporting the investment of 7 Turkish companies in Iran’s start-ups.

He said: "All domestic and foreign booths of the exhibition, including Russia and Turkey, had also a virtual panel that could communicate with audiences around the world."

INOTEX 2021 International Technology Exhibition held at Pardis Technology Park, began as of May 19 and is underway until May 21, with the health protocol being observed.

In the exhibition, more than 300 startups from Iran’s accelerator technology and knowledge-based companies, innovation center, and technology park will present their latest technological products and services to more than 20,000 visitors, in-person and online.


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