Tehran (IP) - The first interfaith dialogue webinar was held between Iranian and Spanish thinkers.

Iran Press/Iran news: In this meeting, which was held thanks to the efforts of the Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of Iran and the Society for the National Heritage of Iran and the participation and cooperation of the University of Mysticism in Avila,  (Western Spain), three thinkers and university professors from Iran and three professors of Avila University spoke about Muslim and Christian mystics and discussed their lives from an ethical perspective.

Hassan Bolkhari, President of the Society for the National Heritage of Iran, expressed hope at the meeting that in the future these discussions can be continued, given the spiritual, mystical, theological, and moral approximation that exists between Iranian thinkers and the Christian world. 

"This meeting can be useful for both parties and serves as a help to understand the life of Christian and Muslim mystics and what man needs today as a model for a happy life," said Javier Sancho Fermin, president of the University of Mysticism in Avila.


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