Coinciding with "Hakim Omar Khayyam Neyshabouri Commemoration Day", a ceremony was held at the initiative of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in collaboration with the "Yakub Kolas" Museum.

Iran Press/Iran news: In this program, which was well received by the people of culture and art, officials from the Ministry of Culture, the President of the Union of Belarus Museums, the Municipality of Minsk, as well as ambassadors and diplomats from the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia, India, Tajikistan, Syria, etc. were present.

Saeed Yari, Iran's   Ambassador, in his short sp

eech named Omar Khayyam as the most popular and well-known Iranian poet in Belarus, Russia, and Central Asian countries and recited some quatrains of Khayyam to the audience.

Yari also emphasized that Omar Khayyam is not only a poet but also a world-famous mathematician, philosopher, astronomer, and musician.

Yari continued his speech by pointing to the joint program of the embassy and the state publishing house, " Zvyazda", for translating Khayyam's poems into Belarusian and expressed hope that this important work will be completed by the end of this year.

He mentioned the translation and publication of the poems of the famous Belarusian poet Jakob Kolas as other joint programs of the embassy and the Zvyazda publishing house.

In this program, the Deputy Minister of Culture of Belarus and the Deputy Minister of State Publishing House spoke about the character of Omar Khayyam and the influence of his poems in the lives of Belarusians, and the role and position of poets in creating cultural ties between nations and preserving them to transfer to the next generations.

In the continuation of the program, one of the grandchildren of the famous Belarusian poet, Yakub Kolas, gave a speech and Belarusian artists while playing local music, recited the poems "Khayyam" and "Jakob Kolas" in Belarusian for the audience and a number of Persian language students of Belarusian universities read poems by Khayyam for the audience, that followed by a clip of Khayyam in Russian.

It should be noted that "Jakub Kolas" is a very popular Belarusian poet who has won several important government awards and is of interest to the people and government of Belarus because of his extensive efforts to preserve and revive the Belarusian language.

The great poet passed away in 1956 and his residence has become a spectacular museum of his books, manuscripts, personal belongings, paintings, and awards in Minsk.


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Khayyam Commemoration Day held in Minsk
Khayyam Commemoration Day held in Minsk
Khayyam Commemoration Day held in Minsk
Khayyam Commemoration Day held in Minsk
Khayyam Commemoration Day held in Minsk
Khayyam Commemoration Day held in Minsk