Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy:

Isfahan(IP) - Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy stressed the need to support technology-based companies in countering oppressive sanctions against Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy Rasoul Mohajer, said: "The conditions created by the oppressive sanctions against Iran will be eased with the support of technology and knowledge-based companies."

"Rasoul Mohajer" during his visit to Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT) added: "In recent years, the country's officials have put the development of knowledge-based economy and support of science and technology parks and knowledge-based companies on their agenda."

Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT), as the first founding organization of growth centers and science and technology parks in Iran, started its executive activity in 2001 intending to support and guide knowledge-based companies and institutions, and now more than 580 knowledge-based companies and technology units are located there.

As a leading province in setting up growth centers and science and technology parks, which created the first official grounds for the formation of knowledge-based companies, Isfahan has about 10% of Iran's technology and knowledge-based units and is the second province in this field.


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