Tehran (IP) - The Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps emphasized Iran's policy as a strategy to develop its defense capabilities at great depths and high altitudes and said the country has acquired the capability of remote warfare.

Iran Press/Iran News: Major General Hossein Salami, commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC), on the sidelines of the unveiling ceremony of the achievements of the IRGC in UAV and defense, added: "The 'Gaza' heavy and wide-body UAV will bring Iran to a new level of power and capability in aerial battles."

Salami stated: "The Gaza heavy, and wide-body drone replaces manned planes in aerial battles and can fly at an altitude of more than 35,000 feet above the ground and with a speed of about 350 km per hour and a flight duration of 20 hours."

IRGC commander said: "This advanced drone can carry 13 bombs simultaneously and carry out operations against ground targets."

He said: "The Gaza UAV can participate in reconnaissance flights. Next year, it will enter the operational capacity of the IRGC and improve Iran's capability in air battles."

Referring to the unveiling of the “Dey 9” defense system, Major General Salami said the system could intercept low-level and high-speed targets, including cruise missiles, UAVs, helicopters, and crewed aircraft that move at elevations close to the ground.


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