Ansarullah Leader:

Leader of the Yemeni Ansarullah movement said in a speech on Sunday evening that Israel would face more defeats and failures.

Iran PressMiddle East: Abdul-Malik al-Houthi said: "We are facing aggression that is controlled by the United States and designed by the Zionist regime and Britain and carried out by their mercenaries."

"The Palestinians have the right to reject the aggressor and criminal enemy," he said.

"By normalizing Israel's relations with some Arab countries, the enemies intended to make the Arab and Islamic countries indifferent in helping the Palestinian people," Abdul-Malik al-Houthi added. 

He added: "The Yemeni nation, with its religious identity, seeks to play an active role in confronting the Israeli enemy."

"We are ready to share our food with the Palestinian brothers and prioritize their nutrition to ourselves," he noted.

The Israeli regime's war with the Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza ended on Friday with a ceasefire after 11 days of Palestinian resistance.

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