Tehran (IP) - Iran's Energy Minister rejected the possibility of a cyber-attack on the country's power grid.

Iran PressIran news: Delivering a Tuesday speech at the inauguration ceremony of utility projects in Iran, Reza Ardakanian said the early warming of weather and rainfall reduction were the main reasons for power outages.

Ardakanian said: "Our installed capacity is 85,313 MW, of which 12,000 thousand MW is the capacity of hydropower plants".  

Due to the condition of our non-hydro power plants, their lifetime and efficiency, which depends on the temperature and altitude, this summer the power plants, except hydropower ones, would have a practical capacity of generating 50,000 MW of electricity. 

He went on to say: "Therefore, in the best conditions, the total practical electricity generation was about 60,000 MW, which could be counted on in normal conditions for the summer. Still, the approximately 55%-decrease in rainfall would lead to a 3,500 MW reduction in the practical." 

"However, we expected 56,500 MW of practical generation capacity," the minister pointed out.

He referred to the extraction of cryptocurrencies and said there were over 321 MW of cryptocurrency generation licenses allowed in the country. 

"In total, the electricity used to generate the cryptocurrency in the world is about 10% (2000 MW) in Iran. Reports indicate that illegal cryptocurrency production is taking place in various places," Ardakanian added.

The Minister of Energy explained: "In the first two months of the year, we faced an increase in electricity consumption. Our highest peak load in April and May was at 40,000 MW at home. This year, the peak load reached about 55,000 MW, not all of which was due to the extraction of cryptocurrencies. We had drought consumption growth forecasts, and we had more than 300,000 agreements with major consumers to help production units cross the peak."

He said that the 1000 MW nuclear power plant, which was under repair, entered the circuit early yesterday morning and would reach its final capacity in the coming days, and that the steam units undergoing their annual repair would enter the circuit one by one adding By June 6, the majority of such units would return to the cycle.


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