Tehran (IP) - Iranian government spokesman says the Iraqi government needs to take practical steps to pay back its debt to Iran.

Iran PressIran news: In a news conference on Tuesday in response to Iran Press about the latest solution to Iraq's debt to Iran, Ali Rabiei said: "The US government's unilateral sanctions over the past three years had been so severely and ruthlessly designed to undermine Iran's economy that even our closest friends around the world would not be allowed to ignore them."

"Iraq, as a friend and our closest neighbor, was no exception to US pressure," he added.

"So far, there have been good negotiations," said Rabiei, adding: "Various people had done their best to receive Iran's demands for medicine, vaccines, and essential goods."

The spokesman for the Iranian government stated that during the Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister's visit to Tehran, trade relations and the payment of Baghdad's debts to Tehran and Iran's electricity and gas exports to Iraq and its readiness to continue exports were discussed.


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