In a statement on Thursday, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), while condemning the arrest of Jamal al-Tawil, one of the Hamas leaders, stressed that the Israeli regime could not silence the voice of the resistance in the West Bank.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement added in its statement that the Zionist regime should stop its settlement policy and bully against the Palestinian people and their territory. 

The statement emphasized: "Al-Tawil is one of the leading figures in the resistance and supporter of confrontation with the Zionist regime, who was tireless despite spending 16 years in Israeli prisons."

Hamas said: "Using the option of inclusive resistance, clashing with the Zionist regime, and formulating a national liberation program to end the regime is a national priority that we must work towards it."

Al-Tawil is one of the leaders of the Hamas movement in Ramallah and has previously spent 17 years in Israeli prisons.


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