Basra (IP) – The Iraqi minister of transport says he will soon go to the Shalamcheh border crossing to open a "large trade center" between Iran and Iraq.

Iran PressMiddle East: Hussein Bandar al-Shibli left for Basra Province in southern Iraq on Saturday with a technical and expert delegation of transport managers. He will take the Shalamcheh route to open a major trade center with Iran.

He will also visit the ground transportation terminal, including a number of trucks, fuel depots for drivers, repair shops, and more.

"Trade between Iran and Iraq is extensive, and we expect it to reach more than 21 billion a year," Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi said in a recent interview on Iran-Iraq economic relations.

Shalamcheh border crossing, 15 km from Khorramshahr and 20 km from Iraq's Basra, is the most important border crossing in Khuzestan Province for commercial exchanges and Arbaeen pilgrimage.


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