The spokeswoman for Russia's foreign ministry said on Sunday that NATO members should "think about resolving their problems" in response to a recent statement by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg threatening military-political cooperation between Russia and Belarus.

Iran PressEurope: In a comment on NATO’s readiness to "protect each member of the alliance from a threat posed by Moscow and Minsk," the diplomat wished NATO chief good health, noting that this was "directly linked to overcoming old phobias and getting rid of persecution mania."

The diplomat also noted that domestic terrorism in the United States has been added to the problems that have not been resolved by NATO for decades. "This is what the member-states need to urgently tackle rather than fake threats.".

The crisis in Russian-European relations has intensified in recent months over various issues, including Belarus, with new tensions bilateral relations decreased to the lowest level since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

European countries and the United States have been trying to overthrow President Alexander Lukashenko's government in recent months by backing the opposition in Belarus. 219