IP - The Joint Operation Room of Palestinian Resistance Factions releases a statement warning about Zionist flag marches in Al-Quds.

Iran PressMiddle East: "Our people just finished heroic battle against the Zionist enemy, succeeded in foiling its plots to create new realities in Al-Quds by expelling residents, imposing prayer time and space divisions at Al-Aqsa. Cowardly enemy miscalculated, thought it was the right time."

Enemy believed it has a golden opportunity to desecrate our people's holy sites and principles. But the response was thunderous; Resistance, which has built its capabilities over the years, endured siege, starvation for Al-Aqsa's sake couldn't remain silent.

Therefore, Resistance supported the uprising of Al-Quds, West Bank residents, who were joined by Palestinians in Israel, which confounded the enemy's calculations, made them understand some men will defend Al-Aqsa, holy sites, no matter cost, forcing them into a humiliating defeat. 

Therefore, regarding current reports about Zionist flag marches, conditions in Sheikh Jarrah, overall conditions in holy city, Resistance Factions Joint Operations room states the following:

First, Joint Operations Room closely following the Zionist enemy's behavior in Al-Quds and will have its word if conditions return to what they were before May 11. We will not allow the enemy to export its internal crisis to our people.

Second, we salute the steadfastness of our people, which succeeded in imposing its will on the occupier before, and which is capable of foiling all of its future plots aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause.

Third, we call on our people in Al-Quds, West Bank, Occupied territories to continue confronting the enemy and lighting ground under their feet on fire in all ways possible, preventing their Judaizing, colonialist activities.