Presidential candidate:

Tehran (IP) - A candidate for Iran's 13th Presidential Election said that reforming society would not be possible without women's role-playing.

Iran Press/Iran News: Continuing his election campaign on Friday at the 'Iranian Girls' conference in Tehran, Saeed Jalili stated that women played an effective role in the development of Islamic-Iranian society, stressing planning and laying the groundwork for women's mission in society.

Jalili said he would use women in his government, adding that reforming the society would not be possible without women's role-playing and it was required that women's mission be defined in the society. 

Jalili also criticized the status of women in the Western countries, saying that the countries advocating women's rights did not allow their women to vote 100 years ago.

The candidate for the 13th Presidential Election in Iran stressed believing in women's talents in the development of Iranian society, noting that half of Iran's population was made up of women.

The 13th Presidential Election in Iran will be held on June 18, 2021, in full compliance with the health protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 



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