Bushehr (IP) - The Persian Gulf University of Iran is cooperating with the University of Mainz, Germany, on the Persian Gulf Water Desalination Project.

Iran PressIran news: Abdul Latif Hashemifard, a member of the faculty of the Persian Gulf University of Iran and a partner in the joint project, said about the implementation process: "Research teams from the University of Mainz, Germany are cooperating in the Persian Gulf water desalination project."

Hashemifard added: "Another main goal of this project is providing regional assistance in solving the global problem of water shortage, which especially affects West Asian countries."

According to Hashemifard, international cooperation with partners in the Persian Gulf countries was a good way to prevent potential conflicts over drinking water resources that may arise as a result of climate change.

The faculty member of the Persian Gulf University of Iran also said: "The countries of the region, including Iran and Iraq, have good scientific and industrial capabilities in the field of desalination."

Research groups from Germany, led by Professor Sebastian Seifert and Professor Michael Muskus, are participating in the project.  


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