Presidential candidate:

Tehran (IP) – A candidate for the 13th Presidential Election says that corruption will be prevented if justice is observed in all sectors.

Iran PressIran News: In a special news talk show on Iran's TV channel 2 on Sunday night, Ebrahim Raisi stated that anything deviating justice would lead to corruption, noting that his administration would focus on "people, strong Iran" in fighting against corruption.

He pointed out that the first issue in the fight against corruption is transparency, and one of the serious problems of the country is the lack of transparency.

He underlined that by activating the relevant systems, creating transparency, and preventing conflicts of interest, it would be possible to prevent corruption in various fields.

"If the government activates its observation mechanism, it can both prevent corruption and deal with anyone who commits corruption quickly," Raisi added.

He also spoke about the importance of exports with priority given to neighboring countries, saying that Iran's share of exports to neighboring countries is 2%, while billions of dollars are imported into the country.

Raisi said Iran could increase its exports to neighboring countries by $ 40 billion to $ 50 billion, which would boost production and could be a source of revenue for the government and eliminate the budget deficit.


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