Tensions between the EU and Britain over the Northern Ireland Protocol continue to make the Brexit agreement hard to implement in Northern Ireland.

Iran PressEurope: British international trade minister, Elizabeth Truss, said the EU should be responsible, pragmatic and rational in disputes over the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol to the Brexit agreement.

Meanwhile, Michel Barnier, the former chief negotiator for the EU, said on Monday that UK's credibility was in jeopardy due to tensions over its exit from the EU.

The Northern Ireland Protocol in the Selection Agreement sets specific deadlines within which different goods may cross the New Commodity border between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom for a period without hindrance.

The Conservative government led by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently unilaterally decided to extend the deadline for food imports and exports between Northern Ireland and the UK for another six months until the end of September 2021.

The deadline expired at the end of March.

However, according to the selection agreement, any decision in this regard must be taken in the negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

The European Union (EU) has strongly condemned the British government's unilateral decision to continue controlling food imports and exports between Britain and Northern Ireland, calling it a fundamental violation of the Brexit agreement.

Officials in Northern Ireland have said they want to stay in the EU after the UK withdrawal from the EU, and now, after decades of dependence on Britain, they want to decide on their future. 219