Ankara (IP) - Iran's Foreign Minister, who is on a trip to Turkey, while cast his vote in the 13th presidential in a voting center in Antalya Friday morning, called the ballot box the best venue to determine the future of Iranian children, as well as to determine the path of the country.

Iran PressIran news: Mohammad Javad Zarif, who is in Turkey to attend the Antalya Diplomatic Forum, said after casting his ballot: "The right to self-determination is the most important right that our people gained with the revolution."

He added: "If there is a problem or shortcoming, for my part, I am ashamed of all these shortcomings, and I apologize for that, but it is still necessary for us to participate in determining our own destiny."

Zarif stated that the ballot box was the best venue to determine the future of the Iranian children and the path of the country, adding: "I hope this will be done with interest by all compatriots who have always proved the mistakes of political foretellers."

Referring to the fact that Canada did not allow Iranians to vote in that country, he said: "In Canada, despite our efforts, this was not possible. The Canadian government should be held accountable for that. However, in other places, it was well, and we hope that people will get a good result."

"Whoever is elected by the people is respected by all of us," according to FM Zarif.

Zarif arrived in Turkey yesterday to attend the Antalya diplomacy forum.

Iran’s Presidential Election is being held nationwide and in 133 countries.

Some 500 international journalists from 226 foreign media are covering the event in Iran.

The 13th Presidential Election is held simultaneously with the sixth round of city and village councils elections, the first mid-term for the 11th parliament’s by-election, and the second mid-term for the fifth Assembly of Experts election.

One ballot box at the Iranian Embassy in Ankara, two in Istanbul, one in Trabzon, one in Erzurum, one in Izmir, and a mobile ballot box in Antalya has been set up to facilitate the voting of the Iranians living in southern Turkey.


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