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Tehran (IP) - The chief of the Presidential staff Mahmod Vaezi invited the people to go to the polls and stressed: "The country belongs to you and participating in the elections will lead to internal cohesion and consolidation of Iran's authority in the region and in the international arena."

Iran PressIran news: Mahmoud Vaezi, in an interview on Friday at the election headquarters of the Ministry of Interior, described today as a very important day and said: "Today is an important day for Iran, the future of the country and the progress of Iran and people's high turnout in voting can shape our future brighter than it is today."

The Chief of the Presidential staff stated: "Certainly, the president, who enjoys more popular support, will both create internal cohesion and establish authority in the region and solve international problems, so I ask all people to participate in this election and vote."

 The official went on to say: "People should know that this country belongs to themselves and when the people have a role in the country, the country will be better governed and its problems will be solved more easily."

Vaezi highlighted: "In the last three years that we have been in an economic war and we have faced with the US maximum pressure and they have exerted pressure on people to face problems in their livelihoods, we have overcome all these issues and we have a much better future, so everyone must attend in election to have a better future for ourselves and our children than in the past.


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