Damascus (IP) - The Minister of Roads and Urban Development of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in a meeting with high-ranking Syrian officials, discussed ways to strengthen trade, economic, and investment cooperation between the two countries.

Iran Press/Middle East: Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development Mohammad Eslami during a meeting with the Syrian Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Mohammad Samer Al-Khalil discussed ways of cooperation, strengthening economic relations, trade exchange and implementation of the provisions of the agreements signed between the two countries.

In this meeting, the provisions of the long-term strategic economic cooperation agreement between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria and the cases implemented and the cases that are being worked on, along with obstacles and problems that have prevented the implementation of some provisions, were discussed.

Raising the level of trade exchange and mechanisms to facilitate the exchange of goods and financial transactions between Tehran and Damascus, which can help remove obstacles facing Iranian and Syrian companies, were other topics of the meeting.

According to the report, Eslami stressed that Syria is in a strategically important situation thanks to the political and military victories achieved due to the stability of the government and the people and the support of the resistance.

He noted the success of the recent Syrian presidential election, which was widely welcomed by the Syrian people, and accelerated the process of rebuilding and flourishing the country's economy, and called for the removal of major obstacles to the implementation of the agreements.

For his part, Mohammad Samer Al-Khalil said that the meeting with the Iranian side is a good opportunity to discuss all issues that are in the interest of relations between the two countries.

He also noted the great success achieved in the past period at the level of joint threats and agreements, and said that the implementation of what is included in the agreements will lead to a qualitative leap at all levels.

The Iranian delegation headed by the Minister of Roads and Urban Development arrived in Damascus last Tuesday night for a few-day visit to Syria and to meet with Syrian officials.

The Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development, who is the head of the Iran-Syria Joint Economic Commission, has previously met with Talal al-Barazi, the Syrian Minister of Local Trade and Consumer Protection.

In this meeting, he examined the existing economic cooperation and trade exchange between Iran and Syria and the ways to strengthen and grow them to counter the coercive economic measures imposed against the two countries.

The meeting also discussed the importance of the agreements signed between Iran and Syria and its implementation and the creation of new conditions to ensure moving forward in the field of joint projects in Syria that provide more job opportunities and resources and improve the economic situation and productivity helps, were discussed.

Talal al-Barazi, in turn, stressed the importance of increasing trade and efforts to meet the needs of the two countries' markets and the continuation of agreements with the Iranian side, especially in connection with the work of the Syrian Ministry of Internal Trade and take new steps towards joint activities. 


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