Tonekabon (IP) - To see one of the most beautiful and tallest waterfalls in Iran, from Tonekabon city in the northern province of Mazandaran, you can enter a beautiful forest road called 'Three Thousand Road'.

Iran PressIran news: Bride or khubakandi waterfall is located near the village of Maran on 'Three Thousand Road' to Alamut, part of which has not yet been asphalted. After parking the car in the village, we move towards the waterfall from a wonderful path along the river that originates from the waterfall.

Along the way, we pass through the village gardens, which are home to trees such as walnuts, apples, pears, cherries, and sour cherries. After leaving the village, we move towards the waterfall through lush hills with beautiful plants and flowers.

We first chose the path above the waterfall, and after about an hour of walking on a gentle slope, we came across an amazing and majestic scene of a roaring waterfall among the beautiful mountains.

The moment of encountering the waterfall is so fascinating that most visitors are immediately excited to take photos and videos of it.

There is no way from the top of the waterfall to reach the bottom and see its grandeur and beauty, and we have to go back part of the way and reach the river.

There is a cool and clear blue river that, at the first encounter with it, everyone likes to touch it and wash their hands and face with it, or enjoy the coolness of the water by entering it.

To see the waterfall, we have to move along a beautiful valley along the river in the opposite direction of the water flow, and sometimes we have to cross the river.

If we go to watch the waterfall in spring and summer, the first moment when it is possible to see the waterfall in the middle of the valley is so exciting and beautiful that many visitors, after seeing the waterfall, many visitors return to a part of the route to film this exciting part again.

When we reach the foot of the waterfall, we are amazed to see its beauty and grandeur with a height of 62 meters, and for some minutes, we were so excited watching it.

The Bride waterfall is so beautiful that visitors do not want to say goodbye to it soon, and when they have to leave it, they return and stare at its beauty once again to record this beautiful view in their memory.


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