Referring to the recent tensions and conflicts in Afghanistan, the spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on Tuesday night that Iran is closely following the worrying developments in Afghanistan.

Iran PressIran news: Saeed Khatibzadeh said that Iran calls for immediate de-escalation, respect for rule of law, and inclusive dialogue in Afghanistan, adding that destructive policies of the US have had lingering consequences in our region and now its utterly irresponsible conduct is taking a toll. 

He reiterated that the destructive policies of the United States have had long-term consequences in the region, and now the extremely irresponsible actions of the United States are inflicting even more damage.

Various parts of Afghanistan have been the scene of intense clashes between Taliban elements and government forces in recent weeks.

Widespread Taliban attacks and the withdrawal of security forces following the fall of some cities have raised concerns among Afghan people, parties, political and religious figures.

Reports indicate that in the last two months, about 60 cities in different parts of Afghanistan have fallen into the hands of the Taliban. 219