The Islamic Republic of Iran's envoy to the United Nations on Tuesday said the security situation in Afghanistan is a source of serious concern and stated that a possible new wave of violence in Afghanistan could only lead to a new cycle of insecurity and instability.

Iran PressAmerica: At the UN Security Council meeting on Afghanistan, Iranian Envoy Majid Takht Ravanchi referring to the withdrawal of foreign troops, said: "With the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban have no justification for using force; Therefore, they must stop the violence; and they should use the power of logic instead of the logic of force to contribute to the establishment of lasting peace in Afghanistan."

Takht Ravanchi stressed that at this moment, the serious demands of the Afghan people for peace must be heard and effectively supported.

He added: "Preserving the past achievements of the people and government of Afghanistan, including the constitution, the rights of ethnic and religious minorities and women, the right of the people to self-determination through elections, constitutionally established institutions and commitment to the fight against terrorism must be key elements of any process.

Iran's Permanent Representative to the United Nations stressed that with the withdrawal of foreign troops, Afghanistan's military and security forces must be effectively supported and their capacity to combat the production and trafficking of narcotics, which is a source of funding terrorism and other crimes, must be reinforced. 

Takht Ravanchi concluded by emphasizing that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always stood by Afghanistan, adding: "The Islamic Republic of Iran once again calls on all parties in Afghanistan, including the Taliban, to put the interests of all the people of Afghanistan above other issues."

Iran's Permanent Representative to the United Nations noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran stands by the government and people of Afghanistan while continuing to help its neighbor in order to create a secure, stable, democratic and prosperous Afghanistan. 219