The head of the Yemeni Supreme Political Council said that the US action blocking access to Al-Masira TV and some Iranian, Lebanese, and Iraqi channels and networks shows the US fear of these media.

Iran PressMiddle East: "Free networks have terrified the United States although the government has always claimed freedom," Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, Chairman of the Supreme Political Council of the Yemeni National Salvation Government tweeted.

Al-Houthi added that blocking access to these networks removed the mask of democracy and US false slogans.

The US Department of Justice recently blocked resistance-oriented networks and media outlets, including Iran's Al-Alam and Press TV, Hezbollah's Kataeb website, Al-Maluma News Agency, and Iraqi Cuff Media Al-Masira Yemen, Al-Lulu Bahrain, Palestine Al-Youm, and Al-Kawthar.

Meanwhile, Yemen's Ansar al-Islam re-launched Al-Masira TV through a new link hours after the US Department of Justice shut it down.


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