The Venezuelan President says that through phone conversation with the President-elect of Iran, the two sides stressed the need to strengthen relations and cooperation against global imperialism.

Iran PressAmerica: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday evening spoke by telephone with Ebrahim Raisi, President-elect of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Nicolas Maduro said that in this election, the Iranian people showed the glory of democracy.

Pointing out that Venezuela's political will is to expand relations with Iran in all fields, the Venezuelan president added: "Consider Venezuela your friend and brother in the struggle to build a more democratic world."

In this phone conversation, Ebrahim Raisi said: "The intelligent resistance of Iran and Venezuela against the oppressive US sanctions proved the possibility of using sustainable and long-term opportunities resulting from the neutralization of sanctions."

The president-elect added: "The political will of Iran and Venezuela will not allow the enemies of the two nations, especially the Americans, to prevent the promotion of comprehensive relations between the two countries."

Earlier, in a message, Maduro congratulated Ebrahim Raisi on his victory in the election of Iran, and called for deepening relations between Tehran and Caracas.In a phone conversation with the Iranian President-elect Ebrahim raisi,


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