UN Secretary-General warned of devastating consequences in case of UN Security Council failure to extend the authorization for access of cross‑border delivery of humanitarian aid in Syria.

Iran PressAmerica: During his briefing to the Security Council about the humanitarian situation in Syria, Antonio Guterres said the situation today in Syria is worse than at any time since the conflict began in 2011.

"I strongly appeal to the members of the Council to reach consensus on allowing cross border operations as a vital channel of support for another year," said Guterres. "A failure to extend the Council’s authorization would have devastating consequences."

He said: "13.4 million people need humanitarian assistance, and 12.4 million others are food-insecure and suffering from high transmission rates of the the coronavirus.

On the situation in northwest Syria, which Guterres calls "the worst in the country", he said more than 70% of the region’s population need basic humanitarian assistance to survive.

"A total of 2.7 million are displaced, and it is essential to maintain and increase our level of support," said Guterres.


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